Panoramic View: Watabo’o Beach

As visitors to Baucau will no doubt attest, Watabo’o beach is a prime getaway in Timor-Leste.

Miles upon miles of golden beaches are ripe for exploration, while the rolling hills and groves of palm trees offer a peaceful shield to those looking for a touch of solitude or a quiet few beers at the beach’s tiki bar.


Travellers in search of the perfect sunrise will not be disappointed: Watabo’o allows for some of the most gloriously pure daybreaks in the whole of Asia. Try schlepping along the beach from Baucau Beach Bungalows and head up the slight incline. You won’t be disappointed.

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Things to know

How to get there: Several buses to and from Dili, Los Palos, Viqueque and other small villages around Baucau leave from the market. A bus to Dili costs about $3 and takes three hours. Watabo’o is at the base of a winding dirt road about 7km away – it’s best to charter some transport but be prepared to haggle since some of the sharks at the bus station are always on the lookout for unsuspecting travellers to fleece.

Where to stay: Baucau Beach Bungalows, a stone’s throw from the beach. $20 a night, with either a small bungalow or cottage to choose from.


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