Madura eBook

Satu hari, mungkin. Madura is a place ignored all too often in discussions about Indonesia. And when people do mention the island, there’s usually a caveat of some description: ‘the visitor can see such-and-such a thing on Madura, but that’s about it. There’s not much else to do’. That attitude is a fallacy: there’s plenty…

Language Primer: Khmer

Our correspondent learns more about Cambodia: in this case, how to make oneself understood.


The archipelago by which all other archipelagoes are measured, on account of the convergence of innumerable islands, cultures, languages, folklore, traditions. A nation of staggering depth, and one that could take lifetimes to unravel.

(Very) Rough Guides

Exactly what the title suggests: the vaguest of vague guides to places that visitors might not usually consider.

Language Primers

Our correspondent, or at least one of them, tries to learn and disseminate wherever they go. Thus, do they find importance in learning languages, as this page proves.