Snake Remple, Han Chey, Cambodia
Inner Vision: The Snake Temple of Han Chey 

Our correspondent becomes lost in the Mekong and feels the warmth of its serpentine embrace.

Mekong River, Cambodia
Mekong Peril: Kampong Cham’s Dancers Keep Diabolic Forces at Bay 

Our correspondent senses something stirring in the depths as Cambodia starts to close in.

Lakeside, Phnom Penh
Long Gone Lake: Phnom Penh, Progress and the Death of an Icon  

Our correspondent, inhabiting the role of observer, watches on as a Cambodian institution suffers an undeserving end.

lakeside, phnom penh
Phnom Penh’s Lakeside: An Iconic Location Gone But Not Forgotten 

Our correspondent peers through time and bids farewell to a Cambodian landmark.

Kampot, Cambodia
Follow the Mekong: Hitching a Ride Around Kampot 

Our correspondent, upon exploring the Mekong, is confronted with two iconic modes of Southeast Asian transport.

sunset, kon thonsay
Silhouettes and Sundown on Rabbit Island

Our correspondent collapses into a hammock just in time for the sunset on serene Koh Thonsay.

killing fields, phnom enh
Confronting Genocide: A Trip Around the Killing Fields of Phnom Penh

Our correspondent takes a sobering tour around notorious sites of the Cambodian genocide.

sunset, sihan
Snapshot in Time: Sunset over Sihanoukville

Our correspondent is wowed once again by yet another beautiful sundowner in Cambodia.

cambodia, temple art
Snapshot in Time: Looking up at Wat Maha Leap

Our correspondent cranes his neck as takes in the intricate detailing at Cambodia’s last working wooden pagoda.