Watabo'o Beach, Timor Leste

Watabo’o Beach, the Quiet Corner of Timor-Leste

As visitors to Baucau will no doubt attest, Watabo’o beach is a prime getaway in Timor-Leste. Miles upon miles of golden beaches are ripe for exploration, while the rolling hills and groves of palm trees offer a peaceful shield to those looking for a touch of solitude or a quiet few beers at the seaside tiki bar.

Travellers should prepare to soak up the perfect sunrise; Watabo’o allows for some of the continent’s most gloriously pure daybreaks. Try schlepping along the beach from Baucau Beach Bungalows and head up the slight incline to encounter a glorious panoramic swell encompassing the rainforest, the ocean and the coastline mapping the country’s shores to the east.

Things to know

How to get there: Several buses to and from Dili, Los Palos, Viqueque and other small villages around Baucau leave from the market. A bus to Dili costs about $3 and takes three hours. Watabo’o is at the base of a winding dirt road about 7km away. It’s best to charter some transport at the bus station but watch out for aggressive hagglers and rip-off prices.

Where to stay: Baucau Beach Bungalows, a stone’s throw from the beach. $20 a night, with the choice of either a small bungalow or cottage.

What to speak: You could try some Tetun. See our guide here. Try deploying ‘Hau gosta o ita nius’ and see where it gets you.

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