Madura eBook

Satu hari, mungkin.

Madura is a place ignored all too often in discussions about Indonesia. And when people do mention the island, there’s usually a caveat of some description: ‘the visitor can see such-and-such a thing on Madura, but that’s about it. There’s not much else to do’. That attitude is a fallacy: there’s plenty to absorb on Madura: it simply requires finding.

Madura is not Madeira in the Azores, and it’s not Madurai in India.

Thus, one day never, EITM will write a book about Madura. The research and drafting stages are well underway, and the results will most likely appear probably not.

The book will be of no value. There will be no how to-type stuff or anything in the way of first-person experiential accounts. And ideally, there will be nothing about it that is relatable. Folklore, events, characters and snapshots of Madurese life will be the focus; nothing else. The reader will have no ‘in’. And that’s the way it should be: Madura is a fascinating place but one that requires effort to understand and explore – so it wouldn’t make any sense to make a book about the same subject approachable, would it?

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