Borneo (East Malaysia)

The green island straddling the equator, within which lie rainforests and caves and rivers, and the ancient longhouses indicative of a far-reaching tribal tradition.

Meet Mukah: EITM’s Complete (Very) Rough Guide 

Our correspondent presents a general overview of a lesser-heralded stop in Borneo.

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bug, gunung mulu, borneo
Winged Magic: Unseen Eyes Watch Over Gunung Mulu 

Our correspondent appears in Borneo’s rainforest, observed and captivated by tiny creatures of the night.

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Inner Trip: Borneo’s Jungle Spirits Eye Revenge 

Our correspondent catches a glimpse of the ghostly machinations driving rainforest life. 

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Cats are an iconic staple of Kuching
Cat City: Kuching’s Feline Fixation 

Our correspondent ventures to the globe’s most literal namesake city.

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