ilha de mocambique
Aeons Thence: Ilha de Mocambique Stirs in its Slumber 

Our correspondent experiences a slight detachment as Mozambique Island reveals only the slightest of hints about its past.

minivan, mozambique
Tight Squeeze: Notes on Minivans in Mozambique 

Our correspondent comes to understand the reality of getting from a to b in this corner of Africa.

ilha de mocambique
Snapshot in Time: Ihla de Mocambique Sways in the Breeze 

Our correspondent, in search of Africa’s outliers, absorbs the historic colonial past of Mozambique Island

Language Primer: Enahara 

Our correspondent has some time to spare in Nampula and gets to work learning northern Mozambique’s principal dialect. 

Language Primer: Xangana/Shangana/Changana 

Our correspondent gets to grips with another of Mozambique’s numerous dialects.