erfoud, morocco
Welcome to Erfoud, Last Stop Before the Sahara 

Our correspondent savours a final smidgin of civilisation before reaching the Sahara Desert.

Erg Chebbi
Morocco Road Trip, Part 3: A Night Under the Stars 

Our correspondent spends the night in the Sahara as he enjoys some more Moroccan hospitality.

erg chebbi, morocco
Snapshot in Time: Sitting Pretty on Erg Chebbi 

Our correspondent begins his trek in the Sahara with a moment of quiet contemplation overlooking the desert.

Camel train, Merzouga
Morocco Road Trip, Part 2: Swaying to the Sahara’s Rhythm 

Our correspondent saddles up as he heads into the desert, wishing only that he’d worn sturdier shorts.

camel, morocoo
Morocco Road Trip, Part 1: Setting Off in Search of an African Desert 

Our correspondent revs off to find some camels and a desert in which to ride them.

Five Illuminating Sunrises From Around the Globe 

Our correspondent revels in the colours and indescribable fervour of travel’s most underrated feature: the sunrise.

Morocco Road Trip … Now With Added Wanderlust  

Our correspondent recounts his now published roadtrip in search of the Sahara.

Morocco Road Trip, Part 4: The Return to Ouarzazate 

Our correspondent completes his circular voyage.

Snapshot in Time: Brisk Trade at the Jemaa el Fna 

Our correspondent soaks up the sights, sounds and smells of a Marrakesh staple.