An ancient forebear defined by its peaks, upon which are found, so lore says, communion with God. Savannahs; Maasai; Zanzibar.

Snapshot in Time: Mtae’s Special Ambience 

Our correspondent heads for Tanzania’s Usmabara Mountains, only to encounter an elemental kind of atmosphere.

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lushoto, tanzania
Other Side: Exploring Lushoto’s Teeming Twilight Realm 

Our correspondent delves into the spectral stillness of a sunrise over the hills of Tanzania.

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Dhow, Zanazibar, Tanzania
Snapshot in Time: Dhow-sabout That For a Smooth Ride 

Our correspondent catches a traditional seafaring craft cutting a swathe through the ocean waves.

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swahili guide
Language Primer: Swahili 

Our correspondent, traipsing through Tanzania, tries his hand at the national language.

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