A collision of the old world and the new, wherein jungle spirits rue the cosmopolitan thrust of development and beaches and plantations form only part of a history driven by empires, sultanates and colonisation.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Snapshot in Time: Exploring the Cameron Highlands 

Our correspondent visits one of Malaysia’s most iconic attractions.

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qing xin ling, malaysia
Still Life: Qing Xin Ling and a Trip in Time 

Our correspondent in Ipoh ventures around a vivid celebration of Malay culture.

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Language Primer: Malay

Our correspondent offers a rundown of Malaysia’s principal language; a vernacular, the eagle-eyed will no doubt attest, that offers striking similarities with Bahasa Indonesia. 

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Malacca: A Crucial Centre of Trade in Malaysia

Our correspondent in Malaysia delves into the history of the 'Venice of the East'.

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Kek Long Tong
Deep Cavern: The Temple of Kek Long Tong 

Our correspondent stumbles upon a site of worship amongst the limestone outcrops of Perak. 

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