Language Primer: Javanese

Our correspondent, upon learning a little about how to communicate in Central and East Java, shares a related linguistic guide.

Language Primer: Khmer

Our correspondent learns more about Cambodia: in this case, how to make oneself understood.

Language Primer: Lao

Our correspondent heads into Laos and, in amongst the colonial architecture, Mekong tributaries and historic sites, attempts to expand his vocabulary.

Language Primer: Amharic

Our correspondent struggles with the complexities of Amharic during his recent visit to Ethiopia.

Language Primer: Chichewa

Our correspondent believes it should be noted that English is widely spoken and understood in Malawi but where’s the fun in that?

Language Primer: Enahara

Our correspondent has some time to spare in Nampula and gets to work learning northern Mozambique’s main dialect.

Language Primer: Madurese

Our correspondent steps onto Madura and, vernacular guide in tow, senses the rest of Indonesia withdrawing everso slightly.