Weekuri Lake: Sumba’s Stunning, Obscure Aquatic Attraction

Weekuri lake, Sumba

As one of Indonesia’s few remaining off-the-beaten-path destinations Sumba offers many undiscovered gems, with Weekuri lake being one of the most enticing.

Part of its appeal lies in the sheer difficulty of finding it. Sumba is not an easy island to travel; tourism infrastructure is minimal, as is the use of English. Many trips will require not only passable Bahasa skills but also strong negotiating skills to find actual transport.

In short, the journey to this obscure corner of west Sumba is a trying experience. Rented motorbikes may suddenly become unavailable, and ojek drivers will get lost in the backroads of Kodi as they search for a destination with three different names and not on any map. Only the most hardy travellers will actually find the lake if they decide to go there independently.

Body of water

And yet those who do make it find a saltwater lagoon to take the breath away. Thanks to its oceanfront setting the lake benefits from a constant flow of water without the barrage of waves thanks to a barrier of rocks and cliffs.

Weekuri is a perfect place to simply wallow and soak up the bucolic atmosphere. Its rural location means there’s no noise pollution, while the only sounds to speak of come from the surrounding jungle. Monkeys, turtles and dolphins are all visible from the lake’s vantage point. Nearby Mandorak beach offers a stirring setting to enjoy an iridescent sunset.

It is not the simplest place to find in Indonesia but for those who enjoy heading off-radar, Weekuri takes some beating.

(Editor’s note: Indonesia is home to some jawdropping waterside views. Pulau Saparua, in Maluku, is one of our favourites. Do you have any you can recommend?)



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